Thanet Finder - The Search Engine for Thanet

Thanet's only dedicated search engine was created in early 2008 by a number of local web users to enable a more relivant local search.

We have continued to work to make things even better and in September 2014 added image search results to our search engine.

The Thanet Finder search engine is powered by Google and uses the data centres and indexes of Google to provide a base for search results. however we are not limited to pages indexed by Google. SEOs might be interested in our list of currently popular Thanet search terms

Results are limited to pages that have been encluded in anyone of the following ways:

Website / Blog Widgets

Put the search box on your site

If you would like to enable your site users to search all of Thanet then you might like to put this search box on your website. Simply copy the HTML fromt he box and add it unchanged to your site.

The above code will put a simple search box on your site. However you can also build a Google Gadet!

Link to us

To link to us you can use the any of the following HTML.

The above code produces the follow results

Thanet Finder: Search Thanet

The above code produces the follow results

Thanet Finder
Search Thanet

Do you want to help?

Thanet Search relies on the efforts of the people of Thanet to add sites and content to its index. You can do this in a number of ways.

By becoming a search engine maintainer

All you need is a Google account and you can join with the otehr dedicated souls adding and listing Thanet sites via a Google control Panel. For more information visit The Google Page for Thanet's search engine

Create an index or directory of content

By creating an index of great and specifc Thanet content you create a list we can point the engine at and say "include all of these links". It's like being a list editor except you have the option to place adverts and engage with the Thanet community directly.

Blog about Thanet

Create the content! A great way to create great content for Thanet is to create a blog about Thanet. Thanet already has a lively and interesting blogging community and you would be a welcome addition to the family.

Talk to us

For many years we maintained a profile on the Live in Thanet social networking site. These days the engine maintaers are fund running projects like @thanet, Thanet Star and Thanet News. Drop us a line, many members of the team would be pleased to hear from you, especially if our project has been useful.

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